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Wind Energy Plants

„Ill blows the wind that profits nobody.“
(William Shakespeare)

After hydroelectric power, wind energy is the world's most important and most commonly used renewable energy source. Especially in Germany, where the utilization of wind energy started very early on, a strong economic foundation and a wide acceptance have developed. With a total installed capacity of about 38,000 MW and a final energy of 51,400 GWh, Germany is Europe's leader in generating renewable electricity from wind power [Source: Bundesverband WindEnergie (BWE), rev. 2014].

The applications are as varied as they are challenging. Wind energy plants can be used to generate electrical power in every climate zone, at sea and on every landform (coast, inland, mountains). In order to take full advantage of this potential, WT EnergySystems develops substations that take into account all specific conditions and meet the customer's needs in each individual case.